iPHC 2.5beta

Hi all! It’s been awhile since I made any changes to the iPHC code, so 2.5beta is a complete rewrite of the javascript and php. I’m using Jquery 1.9 on this one and have reduced the entire package size a bit. The “modules” SQL table is now different from before and therefore the beta package is NOT FOR UPGRADES.

If you are doing a fresh install or have some coding (mysql,php) abilities you can check this release out and let me know if there are any issues etc… Once I have a package that will allow upgrading from old versions to new i’ll take 2.5 out of beta and release the upgrade package.

The look of 2.5 is the same, its just the framework that has been redone. Should be leaner and a bit quicker. http://iphonehomecontroller.com/examples/iphc2_5beta.rar

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